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Students, who need to submit a topic for dissertation, have to do this on time. The deadline is very important. This is why most of the researchers are worried about the submission of research topics. The research is at least that gives the result immediately. You would have written a few pages once you get the hang of it, but with the topic, even after researching for days, you would not have found one. The topic has however to be submitted on time, and if you are not able to do this on time, you need to face the consequences. You might be paying a penalty, or at times, there can be scores getting reduced. In case of the research in a university, you might be asked to wait till the next academic year to resubmit the topic. The best way is to get in touch with us. We offer dissertation topic in finance and banking of all sorts. Here you can find the sample of the topics of various niches under finance and banking, we offer to our research customers.

Micro Finance:

  • Rapid development of international micro finance
  • Micro finance in the banking industry of UK (We also offer the same topic for various countries)
  • Constraints of fully fledged micro finance development in UK (Again this can be available for other countries too)
  • Financial innovation in Europe and Asia: A comparison
  • Financial invisibility of financial products available in the local market

Retail and commercial banking:

  • What is optimal capital structure of retail banks?
  • The relationship between equity price and the performance of banking
  • Credit flow’s impact on boosting the agricultural productivit
  • y

  • Evolution of commercial banking

Financing in Emerging Market:

  • Are emerging markets cheap?
  • Market efficiency of emerging markets
  • Foreign direct investment in Asian economies
  • Financial stability in banking system in emerging systems
  • Attitudes and perceptions towards of UK investors in the emerging markets

If you are willing to find some more dissertation topics on finance, don’t worry! You can select from the list below:

Alternative Investment:

  • Private equity market and the various investors
  • Evolution of the role and performance of UK capital markets as alternative source to bank finance
  • Growing popularity of index and mutual funds
  • Hedge funds- does it enhance the returns or does it diversifies risk
  • Costs of investing in mutual funds related to the MF returns
  • Private equity investment and the future scope in European region.

Internet Banking:

  • Future developments in the internet banking in the UK(can be done for the various countries)
  • Internet banking serves the people
  • Security in electronic banking transactions
  • Economic and financial implications of online banking
  • Role of internet banking in society
  • Ethical issues in banking industry
  • Evolution and implementation of relationship banking

CSR of banking industry:

  • Case study of social relationship banking
  • Bank regimes and practices in CSR
  • Assistance and coverage on a wide range of CSR issues prevailing in banking industry
  • Terrorism financing and finance institutions
  • CSR in now not a choice and more of a need for the business

Risk Management:

  • Liquidity risk management in the UK banking industry(can be done for various countries)
  • Foreign exchange risk management within the financial institutions
  • Financial aspects of EU’s stability and the growth pact- what is the future
  • Stress testing approach towards evaluating the credit risk of a financial institution

Accounting Standards:

  • Standard of reporting on sustainability
  • Audit committees and the agency problems with the combined code

We understand that the need of the finance dissertation topics of the researchers and students of the various countries vary a lot. For instance, the market of mutual funds are not same in Europe and Asia. We keep this in mind when offering topics to purr customers. You can also get in touch with us for the dissertation writing services too!!

Dissertation topic in finance and banking

dissertation topic in finance and banking

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